Regarding dumb waiter drawing rejection by our consultant and its details

Regarding dumb waiter drawing rejection by our consultant and its details

Date:               xxx

Ref:                 CC/269/LW/11

To:                   Schindler Lift Pars Intl. Ltd

Kind Attn:      Mayur Hingorani

Project:           2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotel Building

Plot No.:          373-1297 at Barsha, Dubai

Subject:          Regarding dumb waiter drawing rejection by our consultant and its details

Dear Mayur,

With ref. to above, the general arrangement drawing for the dumb waiter, ref no NI-16026-DW-01/01 had been rejected by consultant the drawing has to resubmitted and kindly note the following:

  1. The drawings are not as per our project site measurements and you have provided the drawing which is having only floor dimension and floor to floor height is not mentioned.
  • You have not provided the key plan of ground floor and first floor by showing the position of the walls and doors as per our site, you have shown it partially which is not accepted.
  • A complete sectional drawing as per our site level and height to be mentioned in detail with the floor levels and floor to floor height as well as section A-A & section B-B in X and Y directions respectively with details.
  • From the ground floor slab we have the recess of 200mm at ground floor and 250mm at first floor which you have not considered including our existing slab and the structure have the fixed height so your concerned engineer should come to site to take measurements before submitting the next drawing.
  • The elevations for the ground floor and first floor have not been provided.
  • You have mentioned the walls in the section which is not complete drawing as per our floor plan.
  • Regarding the switch board, operating panel we have only for two floors, kindly remove the unnecessary details.
  • The minimum floor distance is mentioned as 2X DH+330, our structure is existing so we require correct dimension, kindly implement your formula and provide the correct dimensions.
  • The sectional drawings you have provided is incomplete we require the complete details.
  1. In the list of Builder work item no-03 for shaft ventilation kindly provide the direction and size of the shaft ventilation above ceiling.
  1. Provide the sectional details through doors to identify the required civil work and supporting mechanism.
  1. Ground floor level to be mentioned as per approved drawing i.e, F.F.L + 0.45
  1. First floor level and ground floor level to be mentioned in the section details which is done separately for this project where first floor level F.F.L is 4.97m
  1. The clear height from first floor to bottom of the second floor beam which is 3.60m to be mentioned in the drawing.

So, the drawings for dumb waiter need to be resubmitted by incorporating all the above mentioned points and kindly do the needful immediately.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C


General Manager

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