HSE Plan (Health, Safety and Environment)

HSE Plan Health, Safety and Environment Revision Nr.: 1 Revision Date: xxx Document : HSE Plan Page 2 of 19 Table of Content 1. Introduction page 3 2. HSE Objectives page 4 3. EFG Scandinavia contractor management page 5 4. Overview of environmental management page 5 5. Environmental aspects page 7 6. Measures page 8 7. Risk Assessment page 9-10 […]


RADIOGRAPHIC TESTING OPERATING PROCEDURE Table of Contents 3                References                                                              3 9                Processing Radiographs                                        12 1.       SCOPE: This General Procedure describes the technique and parameters for radiographic testing. This Procedure covers the material thickness range upto 200 mm in all carbon steel material or equivalent thickness in other materials. The surface of the work-piece shall be reasonably smooth and shall be […]

Hazard Meaning and Definition

Hazard Meaning and Definition What is Safety Hazard?In the field of occupational health and safety the word hazard is a little bit difficult to understand and explain since it is mixed with other terms like danger and risk.We can define hazard as a cause or source of potential loss / danger.Hazard can be a situation or an object that may […]