Various Types of Non-Metallic Pipes and Their Applications

In the world of plumbing and construction, plastic pipes have become increasingly popular due to their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and resistance to corrosion. These pipes come in a variety of materials, each suited to different applications depending on the temperature, pressure, and chemical conditions they will face. This article will discuss the different types of plastic pipes available and the specific […]


1    Table of Contents 2 What Are Provisional Sums? 2   3   A Judicial View!   2   4   “Defined or Undefined?”, That is ‘The’ Question!   3   5   Pricing  of Provisional Sums   4   6   How Do The Differing  Principal Standard Forms  Deal With This Issue?   9   7   Detail Them […]

Tendering process explanation in details

Tendering is the process by which a company or organization invites bids for a project or contract, typically through a public or private request for proposal (RFP) process. The process involves the release of a detailed project description and specification, which is then sent to a pre-qualified list of contractors or suppliers who are invited to submit a bid. The […]

Shored and unShored Composite Beam

In the context of composite beam design using the Allowable Stress Design (ASD) method, shored and unshored construction methods lead to different design considerations and stress limits due to the varying load-sharing mechanisms between the steel beam and the concrete slab.Shored Construction:In shored construction, temporary supports are provided during construction to carry the weight of the wet concrete and any […]

Soil-Structure Interaction: A Smart Guide for Structural Engineering

Soil-Structure Interaction: A Smart Guide for Structural EngineeringIn the world of building design, there’s a vital but often overlooked aspect: the interaction between the soil beneath a structure and the building itself, known as Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI). Though it might sound complex, understanding SSI is crucial for creating buildings that can withstand earthquakes and last a long time. Building Strong […]

Common Mistakes During the Tendering Process

Preventing Common Errors in the Tendering Process Ensuring a smooth tendering process requires avoiding common mistakes that can lead to complications and inefficiencies. Here are key strategies to sidestep these pitfalls: By avoiding these common mistakes and following best practices, organizations can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their tendering processes, leading to successful project outcomes.

Key Points to focus to avoid Common Mistakes During the Tendering Process

Avoiding Common Mistakes Duringthe Tendering Process As a Quantity Surveyor, I’ve seen firsthand how crucial the tendering phase is in the construction industry. However, it’s also a stage where mistakes can have significant ramifications. Here are some common pitfalls to steer clear of: 1. Inaccurate Cost Estimation: Underestimating or overestimating project costs can lead to financial strain or loss of […]

Electrical Thumb Rules

Title: Illuminating Insights: Electrical Basics and General Thumb Rules Introduction:Understanding the fundamentals of electricity is crucial for anyone working with electrical systems, whether it’s in a professional capacity or simply for household maintenance. In this guide, we’ll explore some essential electrical basics and general thumb rules to help you navigate the world of electricity safely and effectively. •   Cable Capacity: […]


Earned value management (EVM) is a projectmanagement methodology that integratesschedule, costs, and scope to measure projectperformance and progress.It is a systematic project management processused to find variances in projects based on thecomparison of worked performed and workplanned.

Different Types of Schedule used in Construction Project

Time Schedule: A contractual document between the client and the contractor that outlines the forecasted sequence and progress of work, including start, finish, and milestone dates. It may also include budget costs and manpower, creating project cash flow and manpower histograms.Types of Time Schedules:1-Tender Schedule: Prepared by contractors before a project is awarded, summarizing the execution plan without much detail.2-Master […]