Your Mail Reply for Gunit Pool

Your Mail Reply for Gunit Pool

Ref: xxx

Date: xxx


P.O Box: xxx

Tel: xxx, Fax: xxx

Project                     : 2B+G+7 Residential Building, ICP1 CBD C01, International City

Client                       : M/s xxx Properties Ltd

Consultant             : M/s xxx Engineering Consultant.

Subject: Your Mail Reply for Gunit Pool

Dear Mr.Jangir

As per consultant inspection the steel inspection has been carried out by the consultant and you need to come site today 11 AM to collect your approval and consultant need to discus.

Furthermore we need the following confirmation from you.

1)Machine programe minimum 2 days before to arrange the mobile crane or your machine delivery date. As per instruction by Mr.Modi in the meeting to your boss and agreed.

Thanking you

For xxx Contracting LLC


General Manager

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