Variation Amounts of Aluminum & Glazing Works

Variation Amounts of Aluminum & Glazing Works

Date: xxx.

Ref.: xxx

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Mr. xxx

The Owner

Project:          Proposed G+1 Private Villa for Mr. xxx,

On Plot No. xxx At Nad Al Shiba First, Dubai, UAE.

Subject: Variation Amounts of Aluminum & Glazing Works

Dear Sir,

This is further to recent subsequent discussion regarding of Aluminum & Glazing works. We are in a position to enter a Subcontractor Agreement with Souhail Jaber Aluminum & Glass contractors as per the quotation ref. Q_04.267_20_V.1 dated 7th July 2020 provided by you. AED 14,791.90 10% percent of the contract value of AED 147,919.00 will be added in the variation as builder works, coordination charge and profit and overhead. Cost implication will be submitted in due course.

Please bear in mind, fixed windows, and curtain walls (except sliding windows) in our scope and we will appoint subcontractor as project specification.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,

xxx Building Contracting LLC       

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