Trailer Detention Charges

Trailer Detention Charges

Ref                                         : XXX/1437/SUN-XXX

Date                                      : 15th April XXX

To                                           : XXX ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING

Attention                            : Mr. xxx

Project                                 : XXX STAFF ACCOMADATION

Subject                                 : Trailer Detention Charges

Dear Mr. Jamal,

We had a situation at site as the trailers were not offloaded on time and we have left with no options to claim for the detention charges the transportation company is charging us. This is causing xxx Trailer charges and extra labour hours to compensate the situations.

However we have to charge you an amount of AED 2000/- for the yesterday’s delay which is AED 1000/- per trailer.

We appreciate if you can take necessary action to avoid such situations in the future.

Hope you will take this positively.

Thanks and regards,


Projects Manager

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