Slope on the Non Wet Area

Slope on the Non Wet Area

To                    : Mohd. xxx for Gen. Cont.

  P. O. Box xxx



Attention           : Mr. xxx

                          Email : xxx

 Project             : xxx, Makkah

Subject             : Slope on the Non Wet Area

Dear Eng. xxx,

We refer to your email dated 16th May xxx and the operator’s letter about the sloping in the bathroom floor.

Our response are as follows:

1.         We have checked the site and spoken to the operator and found out that in the wet area i.e.

            shower area, there is no problem at all and the sloping is perfectly fine.

2.         The operator is referring to the non-wet area which does not have any sloping as agreed with you and as reflected in the approved drawings. (See attached Appendix 1)

3.         Our floor is done in a mould and there is zero risk on having incorrect sloping.

4.         The pods are installed on a levelled screed/ base done by the main contractor side. So any leveling problem is solely caused by the base done by the main contractor and not the bathroom floor. (See attached Appendix 2)

5.         As we mentioned above, the non-wet area is flat by design and any excess water in this surface may go in any direction due to slight differences in levels. We have checked on site few pods randomly and found 1 to 1.5mm slope differences which explains the water flowing in different direction in different pods.

6.         This wet area is not supposed to be used as a shower tray or wet area. As you know well, the drain cover in this area is there for cleaning and over flow purpose.      

This is for your information and record.

Yours faithfully,

On behalf of xxx LLC


Projects Manager

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