Keys Handing over

Handover Project

To                           : xxx CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTING CO. Ltd

                                  P.O.BOX xxx, JEDDAH 21465, K.S.A.

                                  Fax: xxx

Attention            : Eng. M. xxx

                                  Email: xxx

Project                 : xxx HOTEL PROJECT – MAKKAH

Subject                 : Handover

Dear Eng. xxx,

Reference to your letter no. xxx-019 dated 25th March xxx, please note that the list of missing items is noted, however, xxx cannot be held responsible for it.

xxx has supplied complete pods without one single missing item.  We have previously reported that these pods are left unsecured, subject to damages and theft (please refer to the attached photos to see how the pods are treated).  Accordingly, xxx cannot be held responsible for any damages happening on site.

We urge you to complete the handover process without any further delays to avoid further confusion and dilution of responsibility.  In any case, even if we consider that these missing items are subject to discussion between UCCL and xxx, this should not delay the handover process.  A list can be prepared (as currently done) and discussed at a later stage.

Yours faithfully,

On behalf of xxx LLC


Projects Manager

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