Slope on the Non Wet Area

Reply Bathroom Floor Slope

Ref                                         : XXX/1437/XXX-050

Date                                      : 03th July XXX

To                                           : XXX ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING

Attention                            : Mr. xxx

Project                                 : XXX STAFF ACCOMADATION

Subject                                 : Reply Bathroom Floor Slope

Dear Mr. Jamal,

Please be informed that as per approved drawings and various discussions during the projects design stage, a local slope of 5mm is only provided towards the drain in the floor area. In the shower area we have a slope of 10mm per 1 Meter. This was understood and approved in our drawings.

We have checked some random pods at site and we found the same slope in the pods.

I hope this clears all your concerns.



Projects Manager

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