Regarding safety related issue and our concern.

Regarding safety related issue and our concern.

Date: XXX


To                   :  M/s XXX Intl.Ltd

Project            :  2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building, Plot No. XXX at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai

Subject         :    Regarding safety related issue and our concern.


With reference to above we would like to inform the following related issue of safety and note the following:

  1. Any visit at site by you or your safety officer kindly coordinate with us and you must have face to face meeting for us immediate attention and address any issue
  2. If your safety officer visiting alone and taking some photos and uploading from your office should not be help for immediate action and as per protocol he should report to us as safety is everybody concern and need immediate action.
  3. We need your safety officer to have meeting with our safety officer and you can’t issue a notice to stop the work if any issue is address directly at site, please stop mail communication if they are ready to address immediately at site and coordinate with us to avoid time lapse which will help to us to mitigate the risk.

This is for your kind information and to do as soon as possible.  


For XXX Contracting L.L.C

XXXGeneral Manager

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