For lift shaft scaffolding and our concern for the access ladder

For lift shaft scaffolding and our concern for the access ladder

Date: XXX


To                   :  M/s XXX Intl.Ltd

Project            :  2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building, Plot No. XXX at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai

Subject         :    For lift scaffolding and our concern for the access ladder your Ref 

                           No.NI16 026-SC-NI-CMX-BARSHA-013 Dated 29.11.2017.

Dear Sir,

 With ref to above we would like to inform you that, As per our contract with our client, as well as contract document provided by client with nomination of lift, your requirement of beam and its design as well as full ladder from basement to roof not our scope and for your requirement kindly write back to the client for your requirement, further to explain in line of your requirement and replay.

  1. The requirement for the beam design and full height ladder is not part of the contract and we cannot provide the full height ladder. Kindly write to employer for your concern that what you agreed with them during the finalizing the quotation.
  • We are attaching the document volume 1C  General specification item 1.10 works by others under item “I” The scope of builder work is clear.
  • The scaffolding plate form we will provided by Chirag, Schindler must arrange full height ladder if they required  as this is not our scope of work, we didn’t agree in our contract, please provide contract document  reference to prove that this is the scope of the main contractor.
  • The beam design and scope, we written to client for variation approval and we are waiting for their approval including hook load confirmation also.

So this is for your kind information and kindly write back to the employer for your requirement and scope.


For XXX Contracting L.L.C


General Manager

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