Regarding material delivered and discrepancy created intentionally in your organization

Regarding material delivered and discrepancy created intentionally in your organization

Date: xxx


To:                      M/s xxx Formwork systems

Project:              2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building, Plot No. 373-1297 at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai

Subject:             Regarding material delivered and discrepancy created intentionally in your organization

Dear Sir,

With ref. to above ,we would like to highlight that, we face a lots of problems right from the beginning by hiring material and kindly note the following which we are facing now and the act is unethical and you will raise the financial claim because of the negligence inside the organization.

1) Whenever you deliver the material there was no time to give our physical presence to count the material in your premises by keeping utmost trust and you will deliver the material honestly and it has been communicated before.

2) Initially you showed less quantity in your record which was very well counted by our capable person before making the delivery order and after 2-3 days after delivery, you shown less delivered material.

3) When our engineer visited your premises and collected the documents which you have recorded the quantity which is also not recorded efficiently and honestly because when we audited now your entries, you recorded less than the figure noted in D.O which is recorded by your person, again this is mal practice.

4) To cross check that how your people recording less material which we checked prior to sending that has been done by the well qualified engineer and we sent our person to remain present to check how you are recording and counting and we received the signature from your office that everything as per the D.O, it means your people have taken the advantage of our person which is not all unacceptable and unethical.

5) Moreover, In our other project in JVC where we also hired the materials from your organization and same material was returned back in packed condition long before and it has not been recorded as well as your company asking record from us to prove the materials delivered or not and this is beyond the limit of assumption that how one company managing the relationship with the other company and trying to do such acts or keeping the staff which are not performing what they supposed to do and without knowing the financial loss of other organization.

How the well-established organization have a space for discrepancies and inefficiency in data management or mismanaging the datas that provide a financial pain to other organization as well as that will create the conflict between two companies and harm financially.

So, this is very clear from our end that your record and we will count what we have recorded and our proof is self-explanatory and do not require any other proof.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C

Md Abu Zaed Khan

Project Coordinator

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