Endorsement of LOI and work order by main contractor

Endorsement of LOI and work order by main contractor

Date                : xxx

Ref                   : CC/269/AAH/01

To                    : M/S xxx Hospitality

Project            : 2B + G + 14+ Lower Roof Hotel Building on Plot No. 373-1297 at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai U.A.E

Subject           : Endorsement of LOI and work order by main contractor

Dear Sir,

With ref. to above, we are main contractor xxx Contracting LLC, Tel: 04887788/3477218, Fax: 048867700, PO BOX 31537, Email: [email protected], Dubai, UAE is hereby issuing the work order base on the consultant letter ref. AP/269/CC/259 dated 01st March  for LOI and with following terms and condition.

  1. SCOPE
  2. The quantity to be reconfirmed with Chirag contracting LLC and after provide details BOQ from supplier for reconfirmation.
  3. Technical details and others requirement with Joinery to be shared and coordinated with Chirag Contracting LLC
  4. The specification and technical requirement/color/design and performance as per citymax LOI sent to you by them
  • Cost and payment terms
  • As per client LOI and mutually agreed with them
  • The payment term as agreed between the client and M/S Assa Abbloy Hospitality  in all respect
  • Advance payment guarantee/warrantee and retention as per LOI/your accepted quotation by client
  • Any other special condition and terms if agreed with the client to be followed with citymax with their concern or confirmation financially or technically
  • Schedule
  • Main contractor will coordinate for supplying and fixing
  • The guarantee/warrantee after TOC to the main contractor by client.
  • Quality and Handing over
  • The quality of the product and performance of the product with satisfaction by client Chirag Contracting LLC  no responsibility in this regards
  • Guarantee/warrantee with product manual and handing over to the citymax and receipt to be main contractor before final invoice or with final invoice.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C


General Manager

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