Regarding letter and your claim for the additional supervision

Regarding letter and your claim for the additional supervision

Date            : xxx                                                      LPO NO. 1701574

Ref               : CC/DESTEC/013

To                 : M/s. xxx GROUP, PO Box 47395, Sharjah UAE.

Project          : 2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building on Plot No. 373-1297 at Barsha, Dubai.

Subject        : Regarding letter reference DES/CM/AP/CC/06dt. 30th October, 2017 and your claim for the additional supervision

Dear Mr. Dhruv,

With reference to the above subject we are hereby intimating that we are not accepting any supervision or overhead cost based on the following:

  1.  We have no such clause in the contract to accept your claim for the supervision or overhead amount.
  2. Your work was not started due to many coordination issues with the kitchen sub-contractor/RFI’s as well non-availability of the approved MEP drawings by the client in your approve shop drawing.
  3. Your work was started in the Nov 2017 (very recently)and before that in Aug we are co-coordinating for the missing information and drawings from  you as well as for the kitchen sub-contractor.

So as per our agreement your TOC will be the same with the date of TOC to the Main Contractor and based on that your claim is invalid as per our contract terms & conditions and we do not have such agreed amount in our contract.



Project Manager

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