LPO Terms and Conditions for Pelmet Nomination

LPO Terms and Conditions for Pelmet Nomination

Date            : xxx                                                      LPO NO. 1701574

Ref               : CC/DESTEC/012

To                 : M/s. xxx GROUP, PO Box 47395, Sharjah UAE.

Project          : 2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building on Plot No. 373-1297 at Barsha, Dubai.

Subject        : LPO Terms and Conditions for Pelmet Nomination

Dear Mr. xxx,

With reference to the above mentioned subject and your Quotation Ref. No. DES/ANAK/QTN0539/R03/17 dated 26/10/17, please find the LPO TERMS AND CONDITION FOR PELMET NOMINATION ATTACHED WITH LPO as below:

  1. The detail dimension to be taken from room to room after visiting the site.
  2. Shop drawing must be prepared within seven (7) days for approval, materials approval must be taken.
  3. The joints of the gypsum at corner or other area to be furnished with approved mesh and filler coat as well as grinding and sanding and level to be up to acceptable limit by ID and Consultant.
  4. The bulk head depth 400 mm may vary as per the site condition and no variation will be paid.
  5. The sub-contractor must be responsible for load carrying capacity for pelmet with accessory
  6. DLP will be started after TOC to Main Contractor.
  7. Safety rules must be followed.
  8. Site foreman must remain with workers all the time.
  9. Works to be completed within fifteen (15) days.



Project Manager

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