Regarding Fire Rating Certificate for the Doors

Regarding Fire Rating Certificate for the Doors

Date                : xxx

Ref                   : xxx

To                    : M/s. xxx GROUP, PO Box xxx, Sharjah UAE.

Project             : 2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building on Plot No. xxx at Barsha, Dubai

Subject:Regarding Fire Rating Certificate for the Doors

Dear Mr. xx Singh,

With reference to the above, all doors must be Fire rated as per Dubai Civil Defense and door fire rated details available on DCD approved drawing under “FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY LEGEND”. We are hereby attaching DCD approved drawing for your ready reference

This is to remind you to do needful immediately and we will not accept non- fire rated door at site as well as you must follow DCD requirement without fail. We need fire rated certificated from Civil Defense approved sub-contractor.

Furthermore, we are plan to apply for the Civil Defense on 30.05.18 and you must complete your scope of work including submission of fire rated certificate.

For xxx Contracting L.L.C  


Project Manager

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