Contractor's Letters
Preparation for Site Visit

Preparation for Site Visit

To                    :           xxx Engineering & Contracting Co. (L.L.C.)

            P. O. Box xxx

            Dubai, U.A.E.

Fax: xxx

Attention          :           Mr. xxx

Project             :           G+4 TYP. 16 Buildings (Staff Accommodation), Dubai, UAE

                                    Subcontract Agreement Ref No.: SUN- xxx

dated 10th December xxx.

Subject            :           Preparation for Site Visit


Dear Sir,

Please be informed that our technician will be visiting the site to verify and report the complaints mentioned in your letter Ref. No.: SUN-14-244-JRA-xxx-207, therefore kindly inform the respective security staff and room tenant that Unipods will be visiting to avoid any delays.

This is for your information and please do the necessary arrangements for visit.

Yours faithfully,

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