Bathroom Floor Slope; your letter dated 23rd December Ref – xxx180

Bathroom Floor Slope; your letter dated 23rd December Ref – xxx180

To                                           : xxx ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING .Co .L.L.C

Attention                            : Mr. xxx

Project                                 : xxx STAFF ACCOMADATION

Subject                                 : Bathroom Floor Slope; your letter dated 23rd December Ref –xxx 180

Dear Mr. Jamal,

We refer to your aforementioned letter and our meeting on the 25th of December xxx.

  1. At the outset, we would to set the issue under discussion:

 1/ the sloping under discussion are related to the dry area.

2/ the sloping in the wet area or shower area are satisfactory and not part of this discussion.

3/ the wet area and dry areas are separated by a high threshold.

The slope in the dry area; the facts:

1/ xxx manufactured and built the slope in this area as per the agreed design and approved shop drawings. This area was designed with a flat surface.  Please see attached drawing in appendix 1.

2/ the slope in this area were discussed during the design phase. xxx proposed sloping around the trap (which requires cut tiles) but the consultant/Engineer asked us to cancel the cutting around the floor trap and leave it only for the wet/ shower area. Please refer to attached letter from you stating this fact (Ref No: xxx-13-244-JRA-xxx-xxx) under appendix 2.

3/ xxx provided a 5MM slope distributed around the floor. It is impossible to provide more slopes around the floor trap without cutting the tiles as stated during the design phase.

4/ xxx built and supplied two mockups at site. These Pods were inspected and approved from your side; thereafter we have started the production.

In conclusion, xxx manufactured and supplied the bathroom pods as per your instructions, approved design, and approved mockup.

On a separate note, generally the floor traps and drains provided in dry area are provided for cleaning purposes accordingly, strong slopes are not normally required.


Projects Manager

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