Notice for termination of contract, recovery of losses and your contract closer or settlement of any claim

Notice for termination of contract, recovery of losses and your contract closer or settlement of any claim

Ref: xxx

Date: xxx


P.O Box: xxx

Tel: xxx, Fax: xxx

Project                     : 2B+G+7 Residential Building, ICP1 CBD C01, International City

Client                       : M/s xxx Properties Ltd

Consultant             : M/s xxx Engineering Consultant.

Subject: Regarding the Notice for termination of contract, recovery of losses 

               and your contract closer or settlement of any claim                                                             

.Dear Sir ,

With reference to the above mentioned subject, we are here by pursuing formal NOTICE for termination the contract signed between xxx Contracting LLC (1st Party) and Al Rubooa Hili Painting Works Co.LLC (2nd Party) with immediate effect due to breach of the contract by 2nd party (Al xxx Hili Painting Work Co.LLC) and we are assessing of our claim losses as mentioned below.

  1. You did not perform as per the contract closes 1 (e) on page no: 2 The variance of the +/-10 mm and the range was 20 mm to be covered and eliminated by the 2nd party and you forces us to eliminated the variance and you only applying 5 mm mortar, your tactics to manipulated the issue and force us to dear the losses you breached the contract as agreed.
  2. You brought the unauthorized workers which are not belongs to Rubooa Hili paintings work and illegal and unauthorized to bring the workers from outside. This is also against the contract law.
  3. You delayed our work more than two months and engaged our team to do your work which is supposed to be completed by your team and you instructed to the workers not to apply more than 5 mm mortar because of this attitude you delayed our schedule and wasted our manpower which created the negative impact on our project aver all.
  4. You breached the closes 3(a), 3(b) & 3(c) and you did not provided any human resource plan as agreed in contract.

So, we are sending a NOTICE for termination of contract and we are assessing our losses and impact on our project will be provided on Sunday (19.01.2014).

Furthermore we are not accepting your E-Mail communication and unprofessional language, since you breach the contract between the parties as well as created losses for us.

For xxx Contracting LLC


General Manager

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