Nomination term and condition to be accepted along with our requirements

Nomination term and condition to be accepted along with our requirements

Date: 07.10.17


To                  :  M/s xxx Sign LLC

Project          :  2B + G + 14+ Lower Roof Hotel Building on Plot No. 373-1297 at Al   Barsha 1st, Dubai U.A.E.

 Subject          : Regarding nomination term and condition to be accepted along with our requirements

Dear Sir,

With reference above, we appreciate your prompt and professional reply in time & kindly note the following.

  1. Our concern & reply awaited.
  2. What we understand from your drawing that all the transformers will be fixed on the wall no transformers will be fixed inside the beam or corridor.
  • Kindly revisit your anchor bolt as we have AAC gypsum block kindly review the anchoring system since AAC block anchoring capacity is very less so, check your number of anchor bolt requirement and suitability.
  • Kindly mitigate the possibility of bird nesting backside of the board or advise.
  • The final drawings to be submitted to client for their signature and approval as we have no right to confirm any scope, on behalf of client and the requirement as well as cost since no nomination assigned till now.
  • Payment terms/conditions issued with  Nomination needs to accepted with sign and stamp to sign the agreement.
  1. supplier’s  shall be nominated under main contractor and LPO to be issued by the main contractor for each of the project
  2. Performance guarantee -10% of the sub contract amount.
  3. Penalty –as per clause 47.1 of the contract .Shall be partially or wholly imposed if sole cause of the delay is by the sub-contractor of penalty limit shall not exceed 10% of the sub contract value.
  4. Advance payment -10% of sub contract value against bank guarantee.
  5. Defect Liability Period (DLP)-730 days as per the Appendix to form of Tender (49.1)
  6. Percentage of retention money-10% of sub contract value.
  7. Percentage of retention during DLP -5% of sub contract value for 730 days.
  8. Material on site-70% of cost of major material delivered to site.
  9. The price if firm and inclusive of all expense,charges,government  taxes and duties for delivery till site. Any increase in cost of raw material, increase in rates of tax or new levy of taxes is on suppliers’ account.

Thanks & Regards,                                                          

For xxx Contracting L.L.C                                           For Acceptance:

                                                                                            B) Nomination terms & condition

                                                                                               xxx Sign LLC

Ramlal Pareek                                                                       Name:

Project Manager                                                                   Sign:


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