Main contractors terms and conditions for Painting works LPO

Main contractors terms and conditions for Painting works LPO

Main contractors terms and conditions for LPO

Ref. xxx                                                                                          Date: xxx

Project: 2B+G+14F+Lower Roof Hotel Building

Plot no: xxx at Al Barsha 1

Client: Mr. xxx

Consultant: M/S xxx Consulting Architects and Engineers


  1. The measurement at site, surface applied with deduction of all openings. (Both side at the doors and one side of the window)
  2. The undulation from 1mm+/-2mm to be leveled with 2 coats of putty processed up to the limit that undulation visible after switching on the lights.


  1. Unit price as per the site measurement.
  2.  Monthly invoice to be submitted on 25th of every month.
  3. 100%material should not be delivered at the starting, for the material claim it to be deliver as per monthly progress.

Quality & guaranty/ warranty

  1. Inspection to be raise at every stage.
  2. M/s Berger give undertaking for his applicator supervision and issue the guaranty /warranty in total for material and application.
  3. Material must be submitted immediately for material approval by the consultant and only approved material to be used.
  4. Lifting and shifting the material by sub-contractor only crane will be provided.
  5. Floor and wall protection surrounding during the painting by the application with their own protection material.
  6. The floor wall or any other  metallic glass or wood element, including lighting, switches and sockets must be protected and clean at the time of handing over the area after final coat /regular basis.
  7. Any damage during the painting the sub-contractor responsibility to keep safe and sound/damaged free.


  1. Main contractor schedule to be followed and sub-contractor must provide their own schedule.

Health Safety and House keeping

  1. CAR policy and health card and visa copy must be submitted to the safety officer.
  2. Health and safety regulation to be followed any Individual variation will be fined AED100 with 1st notice.
  3. The straight line or “A” shape ladder the bottom of the ladder must be covered to protect the floor for any damage /scratch or damage.

Material stacking/scaffolding

  1. The material to be stored at one of the location at working floor only the delivered material should not stake at ground level.
  2. The empty drum should be stake in the stock yard immediately, if any residual paint spread out at the floor the sub-contractor must clean the area and empty drums are not stake at the floor areas.
  3. Any internal area no scaffolding provided.
  4. For external area painting there will be partial scaffolding and rest of the external area paint must be carried out by cradle as main contractor not going to erect any scaffolding at rest of the area.

Xxxx                                                                            A) Accepted By: M/s xxx Paints Emirates Ltd.

Xxx contracting LLC.                                                           Sign:


                                                                                            B) Applicant: M/s xxx Technical Service LLC.



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