Issue with Wooden and Joinery works subcontractor

Issue with Wooden and Joinery works subcontractor

Ref.      :           XX/1007/AGC/2021/41                                         Date: February 06, 2021

To        :           M/s. XXX Consultants

P.O. Box: XXX, Dubai, UAE.

Phone: +XXX

Fax: +XXX

Attention:       Mr.  XXX – Resident Engineer

Project:           Proposed B+G+1 Villa for Mr. XXX, Plot No. XXX, Jumeirah First, Dubai.

Subject:           Issue with Wooden and Joinery works subcontractor.

Dear Sir,

With reference to aforementioned subject, we wish to inform you that M/s XXX Fitout Interior Decoration LLC has appointed by MCM for wooden door works and the subcontractor agreement has signed off between XXX Fitout and XXX. As per the Client instruction we have offer them False ceiling works also.

After having meeting with the Client, MCM and Ray Fitout at Al Gurg Consultants head office, M/s XXX Fitout Interior Decoration LLC denied XXX standard payment terms for false ceiling works the same payment terms they had agreed earlier for wooden doors works.

Moreover, XXX Fitout asking to amend earlier agreed payment terms for wooden door works (email copy attached), which is complete unethical and breach of contract. It’s evident that they are taking advantages that they have met with the owner. We suspect in future they will show same face again.

Please note that, it’s not a good sign for any subcontractor, to approach the Client/Consultant in absence/ Without informing main contractor.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,

MCM LLC        

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