Project overall progress status

Project overall progress status


Ref.      :           XXX/1007/AGC/2021/40                                         Date: January 11, 2021

To        :           M/s. XXX Consultants

P.O. Box: XXX, Dubai, UAE.

Phone: +XXX

Fax: +XXX

Attention:       Mr.  XXX – Resident Engineer

Project:           Proposed B+G+1 Villa for Mr. XXX, Plot No. XXX, Jumeirah First, Dubai.

Subject:           Project overall progress status

Dear Sir,

With reference to aforementioned subject and captioned project, we wish to bring your notice several events not limited the following have significant impact on project progress. At the very beginning of the project two days 11th and 12th January 2020 site work was stopped due heavy rainfall. During casting of 1st floor slab, site work also suspended for approx. one month to get revise approve drawing from DM to match with latest IFC drawing.

Finalization of HVAC subcontractor got delay due late issuance of HVAC design drawing. We have been receiving IFC drawing continuously (drawing receive log attached), changes and rework taking place accordingly which extends activity duration and delay successor activities.

The consultant had instructed to MCM on 25th October 2020 to suspend internal and external plaster work and the suspended plaster work for internal area resume on 16th December 2020 and external on 6th January 2021.

Despite of our numerous follow up we have received revise ID drawing (partial) on dated 19th November 2021 and ID drawing for wooden door on 17th December 2020. During meeting at XXX Consultants head office with MCM and Ray Fitout Team on 6th January 2021, the Clint has confirmed that recently issued ID drawing is not complete set of drawing. Some ID drawing to be changed which will affect Wooden doors, Vanity counters, Wardrobes and custom made wall features.

Sanitary ware final selection yet to approved, upon approval MCM will issue LPO and supplier will have delivery lead time. This delay will move forward wet area plastering and other successor activity. The same applicable for light fitting and tiles.

As valued client and on respect our mutual relation MCM has decided not to submit any extension of time claim to complete project at current stage of the project. However, we request to expedite finalization of following items

  1. Revise ID drawing for complete project (Wardrobes, Custom made wall features, Vanity counters, wooden doors, Mirrors and shower partition)
  2. Approval of sanitary fitting, fixtures and wares
  3. Finalization of Tiles selection for entire project.
  4. Aluminum and Glazing works variation approval.
  5. DM approved FIC drawing
  6. Kitchen MEP layout drawing.

Please note that, upon confirmation of said items we can finalize wooden wardrobes, custom made wall features, Aluminum & Glazing works, Vanity counter works, Wooden doors works, false ceiling works, Mirrors works and shower partition subcontractor.

Thank You.

Yours Sincerely,

XXX LLC        

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