Dry Wall partition Work, request to review under clause

Dry Wall partition Work, request to review under clause

Date:               xxx

Ref:                  xxx

Kind Attn         :Mr. xxx

Project:            2B + G + 14+ Lower Roof Hotel Building on Plot No. 373-1297 at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai U.A.E

Subject:           Response to your letter ref.AP/269/CC/282 DT.20.03.17-Dry Wall partition Work, request to review under clause 2.6

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above, we are not confirming our acceptance for the clarification of the scope for partition work because of the following facts:

  1. Under your  item no.1  subclauses  1.1 to 1.4 , our submittal ref no: CC/AP/269/SH/CIV/ID/014 DT.13.03.17 which is submitted and pending for your review is qualify for all and work is being executed under category of change in the scope in line of clause 51.1 (c ) (d) (e )& (f ).
  • Regarding delay in the mock up room , kindly review the following documents:
  1. As per our letter ref: CC/AP/127/16  DT. 17.09.16- For sanitary ware , joinery,wall tile , ID drawing , vanity counter , light fittings, low voltage subcontractor  and GRMS, kindly confirm that whether all are provided by client till date? (184 days -delay by employer) (page no.1)
  2. As mentioned in  letter ref:CC/AP/201/16  DT.05.12.16- The requirement for the project, still not fully addressed. (page 2)
  3. Letter Ref :CC/AP/243/16  DT.22.01.17- Contractor explained the,  items required to be supplied by client for mock up room and impact on successor activity (communication self explanatory) (page no.3-4)
  4. As per the letter CC/AP/247/16   DT.23.01.17, The toilet wall tiles still not supplied (page 5)
  5. CC/AP/248/16  DT.23.01.17  -The mock up room cladding under hold due to home automation requirement and nomination awaited from the client -till date not nominated. (page no.6)
  6. CC/AP/259/16  DT.30.01.17  -Mock up status report and pending item – Continuous follow up and status update (self exaplnatoy) (page no.7-9)
  7. CC/AP/265/16  DT.04.02.17 – For media hub and GRMS subcontractor not nominated till date ,photos are  self explanatory for the rework  (page no.10-20)
  8. CC/AP/ 266/16  dt .04.02.17- Contractor highlighted the ID issue and shop drawing from the home center ,till date pending. It will be affecting our partition work (delay by employer) (page no. 21)
  9. CC/AP/269/16  DT.05.02.17- For GRMS conduiting- issue is still pending (page no.22)
  1. CC/AP/275/16  DT.12.02.17-  Regarding Minutes of Meeting No.69, update for MEP, our concern for other items and mock up room program – The sliding door counter,  wall tile and GRMS etc- All issues are still pending  (page no.23-24)
  2. CC/AP/277/16  DT.13.02.17-  Contractor calim for the partition work for time and cost (page no.25-26)
  3. CC/AP/278/16  DT.14.02.17 – Intimation about the meeting held at site office on dated 13.02.17 regarding Home center issue for the mock up room partition – content is self explanatory (page no.27)
  4. CC/AP/332/17  DT.16.03.17- Home center drawing issue explained in the  Content which is self explanatory (page 28-29)
  5. CC/AP/334/17 DT.18.03.17 – Regarding rework to fix the plywood in mock up room –content is self explanatory.  (page no.30)

So, it is always a very generalized statement that, you never accept the contractor’s legitimate claim and keep on replying no variation , no extension and we are requesting that all our above mentioned communications from “a to  n” ( attachment from page no 01 to 30, from 17.09.16 to till date),  have no credible statement  and all communication are denied fully from your end to nullify the contractor’s claim.

If not so , kindly note that our claim of  extension of time and cost involved for the  delay in the mock up room and  project completion is valid , genuine and request to review and  grant the same.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C.


Project Manager

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