Date: xxx

This Agreement is made

Between M/s. xxx Contracting LLC (here after called first party), P.O. Box No. 31537 Dubai, UAE.

(Herein after referred to as “the Main Contractor”)

Ad M/s. Al xxx Steel & Aluminium Works LLC (here after called second party), (stair handrail fixing)(Herein after referred to as “the Sub-contractor for fixing stair handrail)

Project             : 2B+G+14+LOWER HOTEL BUILDING

Plot No.           : 3731297

Location          : Al Barsha, Dubai, U. A. E.

Consultant      : Arkiplan Consulting Architect & Engineers

Whereas the First Party is desirous to execute internal and external painting activities for the projects through the Second Party under the unit rate basis for fixing of pre-fabricated sections as per the prevailing rules and regulations in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore the two parties here of have agreed as follows:


1.1 Scope

  1. Fixing of Staircase Handrail along with grinding, application of putty and polishing at all joints finishing to be approved by Consultant. Any defects to be finalized with the Consultant. (Putty will be obtained by Second Party)

1.2 Material approval/color shade/fixing

  1. Fixing as per the approval by the client and consultant.
  2. Three samples of the approved said to be prepared for individual record of the sample.
  3. The final work to be accepted by the consultant and client for their satisfaction.


Cost/Payment terms & Condition

2.1 Unit price as per nomination issued by the customer

  1. Stair Handrail Fixing AED 150 per l.m.
  2. Payment directly by the client and it will be released within 15 days after approval of the invoice and approval need additional 4 days.
  3. An amount of 7000 AED to be paid after 4 days of work with minimum workers at site to be 7 NOS.
  4. Final payment after painting of staircase and 5% of the amount will be kept for painting and project handing over.


  Quality & guarantee/ warranty

     3.1 Inspection to be raise at every stage.

3.2. Second Party will be responsible for submitting the guarantee warranty and inspection for quality.

3.3 Lifting and shifting the material by sub-contractor only.

3.4. Floor and wall protection surrounding during the painting by the application with their own protection material.

      3.5.  The floor wall or any other  metallic glass or wood element, including lighting, switches and sockets must be protected and clean at the time of handing over the area after final coat /regular basis.

      3.5. Any damage during the fixing the subcontractor responsibility to keep safe and sound/damaged free.

     3.6. The defect liability period as per agreed with Citymax.



 4.1 Main contractor schedule to be followed and sub-contractor must provide their own schedule.

  1. Staircase -1 – 10 days
  2. Staircase-2 – 7 additional days
  3. Total – 17 days


Health Safety and House keeping

5.1 CAR policy and health card and visa copy must be submitted to the safety officer.

5.2 Health and safety regulation to be followed any Individual variation will be fined AED100 with 1st notice.

5.3 The straight line or “A” shape ladder the bottom of the ladder must be covered to protect the floor for any damage /scratch or damage.


Material stacking/scaffolding

6.1 The material to be stored at one of the location at working floor only the delivered material should not stake at ground level.

      6.2 Any internal area no scaffolding provided.



7.1 The main contractor have right to terminate the contract if, the second party/parties will not perform as per contract or fail to deliver the quality of the deliverable with the notice of termination

7.2 Any dispute will be resolved amicably or will be resolved within jurisdiction Dubai court of law.

    7.3 Only the work completed measurement will be considered, no payment to be made for any incomplete work.


8.1 If sub-contractor fails to deliver as per agreed schedule, a penalty of 300 AED will be charged for a delay upto 3 days. If the work is delayed more than 5 days, penalty will be 1000 AED per day will charged to the Second Party.


9.1 The following attached document will be considered the part of the document attached herewith.

  1. Approved Shop Drawing

Agreed by

For M/s xxx Contracting LLC,               M/s Al xxx Steel and Aluminium Works LLC

(First party)                                                      (Second party)

xxx                                            Name:

Project Manager                                              Signature:           

(055 4714645)                                                   Position:

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