CONTRACT  AGREEMENT

This Agreement made the Eleventh Day of June 2016 (11.06.2016)

Between M/s. xxx Contracting LLC, PO. Box No. 31537 Dubai, UAE.

(Hereinafter referred to as “the Main Contractor”)

And M/s xxx Khan Plaster and Tiles, Shrajah UAE

(Hereinafter referred to as “the sub-contractor) of the other party.

Project       : 2B+G+7+Gym Residential building at Culture Village, Al Jadaf

Plot No.      : xxx

Client         : Mr. xxx

Consultant : M/s xxx Engineering Consultants

Whereas the First Party is desirous to execute construction activities for the projects through the Second party under workmanship basis as per the prevailing rules and regulations in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore the two parties hereof have agreed as follows:

  1. SCOPE OF WORK: According to the terms of this contract the second party has agreed to execute the work of Helpers to carry our block work and plastering as well as cleaning at site.

2. Prices and payments: Prices shall be as follows. Payments shall be made to the Second party     shall be against monthly invoice as per time sheet based on the no. of hours worked

S.NODescriptionRate AED/SQM
1Mason BlockworkAED 15
2Mason PlasteringAED 17
3Manpower for CleaningAED 350 per floor/AED 100 helper per day
a)Basement/Ground Floor to First FloorAED 450 per floor /AED 100 helper per day
b)Typical floorAED 350 per floor
4External:Helper supplyAED 100/day

3. Insurance: Workmen’s Compensation policy shall be submitted by the Second Party before proceeding with the work.

4. Medical: The second party shall be responsible for the medical expenses of its employees.

5. Sub Contract Termination: Incase of pretermination of the contract, the First party to inform Second Party with 7 days notice prior to planned contract termination date and vice versa.

6. General Conditions:

1. In case of non acceptable quality of work done or under performance by any of the Second Party’s worker based on the First Party’s opinion. The first Party must notify the Second party within 24 hours of the event to replace that person without any deduction from payments.

2. The Second party has to follow the site Health and safety procedures and policies which will be informed to them by the first party.

3. The Second party will be strictly responsible for his labour’s salaries, gratuity etc, as per the UAE labour law.

4. Both parties confirm upon signing of this contract their compliance and acceptance to the UAE regulations regarding summer time work schedule.

6. List of Employees as attached herewith contract agreement.

Agreed by

For M/s xxx Contracting LLC,                                      For M/s. xxx Plaster and Tiles


General Manager

____________________                                                        ______________________

         (Signature)                                                                      (Signature)

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