Terms and Conditions for Sub contractor for Building Management.

Terms and Conditions for attachment of LPO to the Nominated Sub contractor for Building Management and Guest Room Management System to attached with LPO

Date: xxx                                                                                          Ref: CC/LOI-2CMH/3136/2017

Kind Attention: Mr xxx Kazi

Subject: Terms and Conditions for attachment of LPO to the Nominated Sub contractor for Building Management and Guest Room Management System to attached with LPO

Dear Mr Javed Qazi,

With reference of Consultant’s Nomination Letter (Ref No AP/269/300 dated May 28, 2017) we would like to confirm your nomination for Complete Building Management and Guest Room Management System under Provisional Sum at below stated Project. Please be informed that the Lump Sum Fixed Price of Contact is 343,224AED (Dirhams Three Hundred Forty Three Thousand and Two Hundred Twenty Four Only) under following terms and conditions:


Client Consultant

Scooe of Work:

: Proposed 28+G+14+LR+UR Hotel Building at Plot No: 3731297 Al Barsha Dubai UAE

: xxx

. M/s xxx Consulting Architects and Engineers

  1. As per agreed scooe with the employer wifh Ref No. AP/269/300 and scope provided by the employer alonR with the nomination
    1. Room Management System including Scketchmetic diagram and review the shop drawing. Material Submittals, supply and fixing the exercises and equipment’s with testing and 0&M Manuals, with satisfactory handing over with guarantee/warranty in accordance “as per contract document.


All works ahould be as per consultant approved DATA point and GRMS requirement (as per attachment)

  1. Total contract value: 343224 AED.
    1. Performance or security Cheque : 10 %
    1. Penalty as per Main Contractor terms & conditions
  • Limit of penalty not to exceed: 10 %


  • Advance: 10 %
    • Retention: 10 %
    • Retention in case of defects during liability period: 5 %
    • Liability period: 730 days.
    • Guarantee of BMS system: 24 Months General Terms and Conditions of LOI:
  • It’s a Lump Sum Contract and no variations will be entertained afterwards until unless approved by the Consultant or Client
  • Guarantee and Warranty of the Material will be considered as per the BMS specification attached with the agreement/nomination.
  • The Work shall be executed in timely- manner as per the  work issued by the  Main Contractor

4.               M/s xxx will be fully responsible for the Approval of the Material from Authorities as well as all necessarily coordination with Service Provider to obtain the Final Connections

  • The Subcontractor will have to deploy a Full Time Coordination Engineer at Site
  • Co-ordination shop drawing to be reviewed and technical assistance during execution for conducting and cable pulling.
  • All material as per Specification and to be approved by consultant.
  • Work to be executed immediately and shop drawing must be provided with Drawing.

So, kindly Sign and Stamp as acceptance to attach with LPO.

Employer (1″ party xxx Contracting)


Employee Acceptance  (  nd Party inspire)

Sign ….


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