Contract Documents

Termination of HVAC works Subcontract Agreement MCM-P1010-SCA-HVACW-03-2020-R1

Date    :           31st January xxx

Ref.      :           xxx/P1010/PM/2021/03

To        :           M/S. xxx Electromechanical Services LLC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: xxx

Email id: [email protected]

Attention:       Mr. xxx – Managing Partner

Project :           Proposed Private G+1+R Villa on Plot No: xxx

At Al Barsha South First, Dubai-U.A.E. For Mr. xxx

Subject:           Termination of HVAC works Subcontract Agreement MCM-P1010-SCA-HVACW-03-2020-R1

Dear Anwar,

With reference to the aforementioned subject, we express serious concern over noncompliance on our instruction to expedite site work despite of numerous phone call, emails and letters.

xxx Electromechanical Services LLC has completely failed to fulfil their contractual obligations, after six months from the agreement date HVAC works shop drawing yet to approve which should not take more than one month. A part of the Engineering approval there is no positive movement at site work.

We respect our commitment to the Client and our contractual obligation to complete the project on time without any delay, but due to poor performance of xxx Electromechanical Services LLC the project completion date has shifted forward.

Current performance and experience with Powermech are extremely alarming which already delayed the project completion and its continued. In light of above, we believe that xxx is not capable to complete this project.

Therefore, we hereby terminate the said Contract Agreement, which entered between Menders Contracting & Maintenance LLC and xxx Electromechanical Services LLC on 29th June 2020.


Yours Sincerely,

xxx LLC      

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