Site instruction or notice of violation

Site instruction or notice of violation

Date: February 23, 2020.

Ref No: – xxx-PROJECT-BL-01-2020

Total Pages: 01+Attachments


M/s. xxx Landscaping L.L.C.

P.O. Box: 430182, Dubai – U.A.E.

Phone : 04-421 4485, Fax: 04-421 4475

Email:   [email protected]

Attention        :           Mr. Eng. Murhaf

Project           :           Proposed G+1 villa for Mr. xxx on plot No. xxx

                          at Al Barsha South First, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Subject :  Site instruction/notice of violation

Dear Sir,

With reference to the abovementioned subject, we are very disappointed and express our serious concerned that your team was attempted to cast Pump room and balancing tank slab without using vibrator. Such attitude is not acceptable at any circumstance and not meet any standard or benchmark of construction industry. This is evidently breach of contract.

MCM Forman instructed your team to bring vibrator or stop concreting works, they rejected and continued the concreting works by pushing our chargehand, also damage site fence, entrance gate and Mobile phone of Site watchman.

In respect of our contractual obligation with client, we hired a vibrator deployed MCM team to carried out concerting work as per standard procedure (photo attached).

In view of above, we have decided that from now to onward your labour will not be allowed at site to carry out any works without presence of qualified Engineer/Foreman.

We shall send detailed cost incurred to carry out concreting works including rent of vibrator, vehicle rent to bring vibrator site and returned, manpower deployed. Also, will include cost of damaged done by your labour.

Furthermore, we have observed many other violations but not limited to the report at site without PPE and coverall, smoking at site, using of hollow block in pool step instead of solid block and Manual hand mix Concrete instead of Ready mix concrete etc.

This for your information and records.

Thanks and Regards,

xxx Building Contracting LLC

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