Response to Damage to Finished works

Our Ref: xxx

Date: xxx

To                    :           xxx Construct Company Ltd.

                                    P. O. Box xxx

            Abu Dhabi – UAE.

Attention          :           Eng. xxx

                        :           Project Director

Subject            :           Response to Damage to Finished works

Dear Mr. Patrick,

We received your letter Ref: xxx, dated xxx in regards to the DLP notification and back charges. Please note that xxx took immediate action to attend the defects immediately after the notification. But as you know due the current pandemic situation and closure of Abu Dhabi border, our movement permit was rejected. (Please find the attached screenshot for your reference).

Further to your DLP task as per the trail Email dated xxx, we have communicated with the MEP contactor at site and rectified the issue. No further work is required from xxx and for that no cost shall be held from xxx Final Account.

If additional works are required, it can be done by Unipods once movement restrictions are lifted.        

On behalf of xxx LLC


Projects Manager                 

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