delivery of Tiles and cheque copy.

Request for the documents.

Ref: xxx

Date: xxx


P.O Box: xxx

Tel: xxx, Fax: xxx

Project                     : 2B+G+7 Residential Building, ICP1 CBD C01, International City

Client                       : M/s xxx Properties Ltd

Consultant             : M/s xxx Engineering Consultant.

Subject: Request for the documents.

Dear Sir

With reference to the above mentioned subject. We would like to inform you that. Our Gas subcontractor requesting some documents. So please refer following mentioned points and kindly coordinate with us and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  1. Documents for RA report.
  2. ERP (Emergency Response Plan)
  3. Escape Route Layouts.
  4. Latest Version Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Drawings.
  5. GAS:    Rev 00  21.12.2013
  6. FA: Rev 01, 11.04.2013
  7. FP: Rev 02, 25.06.2013

For xxx Contracting LLC


General Manager

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