Regarding your measurement sheet & discrepancy and our concern.

Regarding your measurement sheet & discrepancy and our concern.

Date: xxx

Ref no: xxx

To             :M/s xxx Center

Project     : 2B + G + 14+ Lower Roof Hotels Building on Plot No. xxx at Barsha,  Dubai

Sub               : Regarding your measurement sheet & discrepancy and our concern.

Dear Sir,

With reference to above, we would like to seek your explanation for the following.

  1. We did not receive your advance payment invoice and because of that our financial rights remain unclaim explain about your advance payment invoice.
  2. We need floor plan drawing as per our site measurement and approved drawing submitted and to execute as per site measurement.
  3. Now, the list of measurement what you attached in mail as per our contract and ref no CC/GYS/LPO/17/01 dtd 25/2/17, kindly revise your drawing and resubmit as per site condition as per our contract.
  4. We completed the mock up room on March you suppose to fix dummy fit out components as per site mock up and drawing provided but you fix only the door till date please check your mail on 15/3/17 @ 5.20 pm  “you confirmed  to do the mock up with raw carcass  without laminate  and you fail to execute”
  5. From March till September we did not received only notification for the discrepancy accept the mail on 18th Sep 2017 and you fail to coordinate from March 2017 to till date and our work completed up to 11th floor, you must accept the site as it.
  6. We received communication from client we came to know from your measurement that wardrobe cannot be fixed  with 600 mm depth you are   responsible for this issue and revise your drawing as well as take the approval from the client.
  7. We have been communicated many times to our client that Home Center is not cooperating with us at site, which is self-explanatory in our mail 02/10/17 and your reply 02/10/17.

So, your company is responsible for miscoordination  & not providing the floor plan as well as highlight the discrepancy.

  • We specially requested to provide the full door shop drawing & sample of the Architrave on 13/3/17 CC/HC/002 under item no-4.
  • Home Center also fail to attend the project meeting till date as well as not coordinating at site and requirement not being fulfilled as per contract.
  • Now at this stage you need to be follow our work executed or modify the area wherever you have discrepancy at your on cost due to non-coordination
  • If it you need the modification from our side, kindly accept AED 23,570 for modification to fulfill your individual components for the wardrobe area.
  • Finally even in your shop drawing you marked that you will take the site measurement and we continued our work best on your drawing.

So, you are responsible for the miscoodination at site and you must submit the invoice as well as modify your shop drawing as per site measurement & resubmit the for the approval , in case of rejection the revised drawing you need to face the consequences.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C


Project Manager

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