Regarding removal of concrete ramp at road

Regarding removal of concrete ramp at road

Date: xxx


Kind Attn:             M/s Strong Plant

Project:                2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotel Building

Plot No.:              373-1297 at Barsha, Dubai

Subject:                Regarding removal of concrete ramp at road

Dear Sir,

With ref. to above we are here by informing you that what action you are taking regarding removal of the ramp and kindly note the following

  1. As we have explained you before this ramp permission was not given to Chirag Contracting and we don’t have any deposit in this regard. So, we do not have any authority to work on the road/ road closing or NOC from RTA to demolition or work on road.
  • As we are not professional to remove the ramp from the road so there may be possibility that we may damage the road surface and invite another problem for minimum           AED50,000 as penalty for many violation may be!
  • The dewatering permission is under your name and we assumed ramp was constructed by you, so you must resolve this issue to avoid any penalty, as you are the permission holder from RTA.
  • a) We are suggesting our neighbor contractor NASCO to take over the same and they need it subject to your NOC to “ATLAS FOUNDATION” and hope he approaches to your office for the same. I convinced already during my telephonic conversation with your office and heard from your end that you require charges to have a financial agreement with ATLAS FOUNDATION. This decision is up to you to accept or deny.
  • So, we are confused one side you have risk of the penalty and cost of the removal and could have avoided both the scenarios if you can provide NOC to ATLAS FOUNDATION but this is not our issue we are trying to help you out. You are the one who can decide for removal or NOC.

This is for your kind information and to do needful, since the permission with you is going to expire very soon.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C


General Manager

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