Regarding operation of service lift by your attend

Regarding operation of service lift by your attend

Date: XXX


To                   :  M/s XXX Intl.Ltd

Project            :  2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building, Plot No. XXX at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai

Subject:Regarding operation of service lift by your attend

Dear Mr. Mayur and Mr. Ramesh,

With Reference to above we are hereby instructing you that we need your team at site and they are absent since yesterday for the following.

  1. We need your mechanic at site to operate the service lift panel which is being used by xxx Contracting LLC and same is switched on from morning for the full day operation, the morning time our mechanic switch on the supply from the main panel but last two days no one at site and because of that our site operation severely affected and project progress impacted/ effected.
  • We need to open our conduit which is placed during the concrete from your operating indicating and call button area, we need to open our conduit which is placed in angular shape. Now you must fix this panel board and your team suggested as that they will coordinate with us to open the conduit from the inside by using lift cabin top.
  • Without clearing the conduit you cannot complete the lift work that must be completed and we cannot afford any delay now.
  • When you have plan for third party certification as we will apply to the civil defense by 25th of this month.

So complete all your paper formalities and testing as well as highlight any other issue related the documentation and certification for civil defense as soon as possible.


For XXX Contracting L.L.C


General Manager

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