Re – Internal Program for POD Works

Re – Internal Program for POD Works

Our Ref: xxx
01 April xxx

To: xxx Contracting Co. LLC
P. O. Box xxx, Dubai, U.A.E.

Attention: Mr. xxx – Project Director
Project: xxx
Subject: Re – Internal Program for POD Works

Dear Sir,
We acknowledge the receipt of your letter ref: xxx dated 20 March xxx and your revised internal program for POD works dated 18 March xxx and we would like to inform you the following:
Production has already started and we urge you to expedite the delivery of any pending Free Issue Materials to xxx (name of the Subcontractor) factory to allow production to continue without any interruption.

We will do our best to accelerate the Works in line with your given dates to the possible extent. However, it must be noted that our Programme of Works will remain in accordance with our Subcontract Agreement (Appendix H) and in consideration that the signed Subcontract was received on 18 February xxx instead of 18 January xxx.

Therefore, Unipods will not be held responsible for any delays that may occur in the project for not achieving the latest received internal site program.

Rest assure that we will spare no efforts in trying to improve whenever possible. We wish you a successful delivery and assure you of our utmost support.

Yours faithfully,

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