Pods Delivery

Pods Delivery

Ref                                         : XXX/1437/SUN-019

Date                                      : 19th FEBRUARY XXXX

To                                           : XXX ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING

Attention                            : Mr. XXX

Project                                 : XXX STAFF ACCOMADATION

Subject                                 : Pods Delivery  

Dear Mr. xxx,

I would like to bring into your attention regarding the site not ready to take the pods but still getting letter to deliver the pods. I had mentioned regarding the same in my letter UNP/1437/SUN-17 send on 16th February. The Plot 004 Block 1 last pod had gone inside the building this afternoon. During every start of a project there will be unexpected delays from all side as there are so many sub-contractors involved.

This is inform you that we will deliver the first floor Plot 001- Block 3 pods in 3 sets 6 of each starting Sunday 23nd of February.  

There is a commercial obligation at the moment which needed to be resolved so please contact your Finance department.

We appreciate for more support and cooperate so that we can work efficiently.

Thanks and regards,


Projects Manager

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