Notification of delay of Aluminum & Glazing Works

Notification of delay of Aluminum & Glazing Works

Date                    : 22nd August xxx

MCM Ref.           : xxx/P1009/AQQ/2021/01

To                         : xxx Aluminum & Glass Cont.

xxx, xxxx

Attention to     : Mr. xxx

Project               : Proposed G+1+R Villa for Mr. xxx, Dubai. On Plot No. xxx, Al Barsha Second, Dubai.

Subject               : Notification of delay

Dear Mr. xxx,

This is further to our continuous follow up since last six months and we do express serious concerned over failure of deliver doors and windows glasses on 15th August 2021 at site as per your last commitment on 2nd August 2021.

In tenure of project life, you have promised multiple times for several stage of works and failed repeatedly as usual to respect your own.

Please be informed, the delay penalty as per subcontractor agreement item F) under Article (1) will be imposed if you fail to complete your entire work by 5th September 2021.

Consider this is final warning and another opportunity from MCM to act you at site, fail to act at site as per said time frame may lead termination of subcontractor agreement and you will be sole responsible for that.

The additional cost will incur to completed the balance work will be charged to you with support of subcontractor agreement item H) under Article (1) and the same will be adjusted from your account with us.

Yours Sincerely

xxx LLC        

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