Vanity Counter

Mockup vanity Counter

Our Ref: xxx

Date: xxx

To                    :           xxx Contracting Middle East,

                                   P.O.Box xxx,

                                   Dubai, UAE 

Attention          :           Ms. xxx

                        :           Project Director

Project             :           xxx Tower Views, Dubai

Subject            :           Mockup vanity Counter

Dear Mr. xxx,

As requested we are sending you the Mock up vanity unit as a part of the Material Submittals. The sample will be at your site office for approval any time soon.

Please note that we have followed the below details to fabricate the vanity,

  • All exposed areas are pressed with Formica Laminate Millennium oak F5887 (0.7MM Thick)
  • Vanity Shutters are done with Formica Laminate Millennium Oak F5887 (0.7mm Thick) on both side.
  • We have used Blum Hinges 71B3550 for the shutters. (Please refer MAS – 009)
  • Vanity inside areas are covered with Melamine matching to the specified laminate.
  • Vanity lipping used are matching to the specified laminate. 
  • Vanity Top is finished with Porcelain Slab Model A28GLOUN 052XOP (Please Refer MAS-016)  

Please find attached pictures for your quick reference.


Yours faithfully,

On behalf of xxx LLC


Project Manager       

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