issue of the partition wall work including mock up room

issue of the partition wall work including mock up room

Date:               xxx

Ref:                  xxx

Kind Attn         :Mr. xxx

Project:            2B + G + 14+ Lower Roof Hotel Building on Plot No. xxx at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai

Subject:            Regarding the issue of the partition wall work including mock up room for GRMS                   subcontractor nomination and follow up.

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above, we would like to inform you that as per the client instruction to directly communicate for the guest room management system with proposed subcontractor and we are following up over the phone and written an email on 28th march 2017 at 10.48am and inform the client on 30th March 2017 Thursday. No reply received till date from other end.

Further more, in continuation to follow ups we resend email on 1st April 2017 and we would like to inform you the following.

  1. The 50% of Partition work is balance at 2nd floor including mockup room due to GRMS work.
  2. The 3rd floor partition also completed 50% and balance is sheet fixing which is under hold.
  3. 4th floor, the gypsm framing is in progress will be hopefully completed by tomorrow or day after

 4. We can’t start the mockup room painting on the wall without resolving the issue of the          conduits for room management system, since how the conduits will work. We need to confirm by the GRMS subcontractor.

5. We can’t start the floor tiling in mockup room, because we can’t open the gypsm sheet if we fixed the tiles without resolving issue or may be the GRMS conduit will run through the floor.

So, this is for your kind information and record that the partition work is under hold for 2nd, & 3rd floor and 4th floor may be, and this issue communicated timely and reminded including impact with consequences intimated.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C.


Project Manager

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