Instruction to appoint competent Project Manager

Instruction to appoint competent Project Manager

Our Ref: xxx

Date: xxx

To                    :           xxx Contracting Middle East,

                                   P.O.Box xxx,

                                   Dubai, UAE 

Attention          :           Ms. xxx

                        :           Project Director

Project             :           xxx Tower Views, Dubai

Subject                 : Instruction to appoint competent Project Manager

Dear Mr. Chen,

We are in receipt of your letter No. xxx dated xxx.  We refute your statement that the content of Xxx letter Ref: xxx dated xxx is deviating from the Subcontract Agreement.

  • Subcontract Clause 22.0(3) clearly states that “the Sub-Contractor is solely responsible for any loss as a result of poor coordination, attendance and follow up actions”. There have not been any poor coordination, attendance, or follow-up shortcomings on the part of Xxx or the newly appointed Projects manager to suggest lack of competency or deviation from the Sub-Contract Agreement.
  • The interview of our Projects Manager the 21st of April xxx was conducted with the sole presence of a Technical Manager of xxx and has not addressed any of the key requirements of the role including project management.

The rejection of xxx of our assigned Projects Manager is without reasonable assessment and is totally arbitrary. Nevertheless, as such a unilateral and unjustified position from xxx is disrupting our operations on the project, we will immediately appoint Mr. xxx as Project Manager for your site. 

Mr. xxx is an engineer who has been actively involved in the management our projects for the past five years as Project Manager. He has also been working on your project since the start of our Sub-Contract and he is in daily communication and coordination with your site team during this period. His CV is attached for your information.

Please note that if you chose to maintain your current unreasonable stance in rejecting the appointment of our company Project Managers, Xxx will have no other option than to source the market and submit CVs for your interview and final selection. The necessary periods for this sourcing and appointment will be communicated to you upon further instruction from xxx. Consequently, and should you chose to take this course, your selected candidate will be appointed exclusively for your project and for its duration and the cost of this appointment will be charged to you as additional cost.

On behalf of xxx LLC


Project Manager       

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