Inspection Request for waterproofing works.

Inspection Request for waterproofing works.

Ref: xxx

Date: xxx


P.O Box: xxx

Tel: xxx, Fax: xxx

Project                     : 2B+G+7 Residential Building, ICP1 CBD C01, International City

Client                       : M/s xxx Properties Ltd

Consultant             : M/s xxx Engineering Consultant.

Subject: Inspection Request for water proofing.

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above mentioned subject, we are intimating that water testing at 1st Floor Flat No: 101,102,103 in toilet & Kitchen under the observation from date: 25.11.2013. No leakage can be defected and during process of the water proofing all the drainage pipe neck is properly routed with the mainline, water proofing back side of the tub raised up to the tub height and threshold also created.

So, please inspect and we can provide the protection also.

For xxx Contracting LLC


General Manager

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