Handing over Materials at Site

Handing over of Pods on Plot 005 “U” shape building

Ref                                         : XXX/1437/XXX-050

Date                                      : 03th July XXX

To                                           : XXX ENGINEERING AND CONTRACTING

Attention                            : Mr. xxx

Project                                 : XXX STAFF ACCOMADATION

Subject                                 : Handing over of Pods on Plot 005 “U” shape building

Dear Mr. xxx,

Please be informed that we are finished with the snagging of the pods in the Plot 005 “U” shape building. So we would like to Handover our bathroom pods at the earliest. Since there are other sub contractors involved in this project we would request xxx Engineering to take necessary action to protect the pods. Any damage later on in our pods Unipods cannot be blamed.

Attached are few reference pictures taken from random pods in every floors for your understanding and record.

At this stage we consider that xxx scope of work at site are completely finished and handed over all pods in Blocks for Plot 001, Plot 004 and Plot 005.

Thanks for your understanding.



Projects Manager

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