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Fixing of Balance Aluminum Doors and Windows

Fixing of Balance Aluminum Doors and Windows

Ref: xxx

Date: xxx


P.O Box: xxx

Tel: xxx, Fax: xxx

Project                     : 2B+G+7 Residential Building, ICP1 CBD C01, International City

Client                       : M/s xxx Properties Ltd

Consultant             : M/s xxx Engineering Consultant.

Subject:  Fixing of Balance Aluminum Doors and Windows

Dear Sir,

With regards to the subject we are informing you that you need to speed up your work regarding  this matter . The client will come to visit and inspect the site this coming Monday ( June 30, 2014).

So kindly finish all the necessary works related in your side by Sunday ( June 29, 2014) particularly all Flats at 7th Floor  down to 5th Floor , for us to present our work properly  to the client.

In this regards your cooperation is highly appreciated. This is very urgent issue, so please do the needful.

Thanking you

For xxx Contracting LLC


General Manager

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