Interim Extension of Time Claim (EOT-01)

Interim Extension of Time Claim (EOT-01)

Date: xxx

Ref.: xxx

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Attention:      xxx

Project:          xxx.

Subject:          Interim Extension of Time Claim (EOT-01)

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above-mentioned subject, we are hereby submitting Interim Extension of Time Claim to complete of the Project. Delay events arose due to late issuance of revised drawing for first floor structural works and the Force Majeure (heavy rainfall).

Aforesaid delays were beyond reasonable control of the Contractor. Hence, the Contractor entitled 22 (twenty two) calendar days is excusable and compensable pursuant to sub-clause 44.1 (b,c and d) of the condition of Contract.

Detailed prolongation cost pursuant to sub-clause 53.1 of the condition of Contract will be submitted once EOT claim is approved by the Employer and the Engineer.

This is for your information and approval.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,


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