DLP works- Residence 7

DLP works- Residence 7

Date: xxx


M/s. xxx

xxx Project

Dubai, UAE

Attention: Mr. xxx, Project Director

Subject                 : DLP works- Residence 7, apartment 202, xxx Island

Dear Mr. xxx,

Further to your Email (Appendix 1) dated 16‐08‐xxx, Unipods team has visited the site today to investigate the source of leakage.

Our team didn’t have access to the apartment, but based on the information we received from the maintenance team, the water leakage was found only when the wash basin mixer is opened.

Based on that we can assume 2 possibilities for the leakage:

  1. Leakage from the diverter and spout connection
  2. Leakage from the drainage pipe

However the exact reason can only be verified after we check the pod. If the defect are found as mentioned above, xxx will proceed with the remedial works and rectify the defect as covered under xxx warranty upon receiving a clearance to proceed from your side to this effect.

xxx further undertakes, that if we proceed with such works, the POD will be returned to its original condition as specified under our subcontract.

On behalf of xxx LLC


Projects Manager

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