Communication Protocol

Communication Protocol

Date: xxx

Ref. xxx

To:                     M/s. xxx , Metal Wowks

Project:              2B + G + 14 + Lower Roof Hotels Building on Plot No. xxx at Barsha, Dubai

Subject:              Communication Protocol

Dear Sir,

With reference to above mentioned, the following is the sequence of communication to be followed :

All correspondence to be addressed to:

M/s Chirag Contracting:

  • Pareek, General Manager

      Email ID: xxx

  •, Project Coordinator

       Email ID: xxx

  • Ms.xxxo, Site Secretary

      Email ID: xxx

  •, Office Secretary

Email ID:xxx

All correspondence to be copied to:

M/s xxx Consultants:

  • Shah, Project Manager

      Email ID: xxx

  •, Asst.Resident Engineer

           Email ID: xxx

  •, Technical Secretary

Email ID: xxx

M/s xxx Hotel (Client):

  • Verma, General Manager

Email ID: xxx

  • Kumar, Project Manager

Email ID: xxx

This is for your kind information.

For xxx Contracting L.L.C


Project Manager

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