Authority Violation

Authority Violation

Date: xxx

Ref.: xxx/1007/AGC/2021/44

Total Pages: 7 (photos attached)

To          :              M/s. XXX Consultants

P.O. Box: XXX, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +XXX

Attention:          Engr. Mohammed Abumeteir

Project:               Proposed B+G+1 Villa for Mr. XXX, Plot No. XXX, Jumeirah First, Dubai.

Subject:              DM Violation

Dear Sir,

This is further to the DM Violation with ref. BSXXX, below are the reported Violations. Attached herewith is the full DM Violation report from the DM online portal and photos.

Kindly do the needful to respond/ comply with the DM and close it out. Please note that fails to comply with the comments may lead to penalty.

Yours Sincerely,


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