Approval or Finalization or Supply of long pending items

Approval or Finalization or Supply of long pending items

Date: February 19, 2020

Ref No: – xxx-PROJECT-SAH-02-2020

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Mr. xxx                                  

The Client.

Project :           Proposed G+1 villa for Mr. xxx on plot No. xxx

             at Al Barsha South First, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Subject :           Approval/Finalization/Supply of long pending items

Dear Sir,

With reference to the aforementioned subject, we wish to inform you that to complete the project the following items to be finalized urgently.

  1. Supply of ironmongeries. Door shutters are ready with continental to be delivered at site once ironmongeries are supplied.
  2. Approval of RAL Color for Aluminum Pergola and Compound wall gate and Garage Door. Crawford will charge extra for special RAL colour, additional amount will confirm upon selection of color.
  3. Supply of external walkway tiles. (supply is on client).
  4. Supply of 1-line porcelain tiles for villa wall cladding and compound wall column (supply of tiles is on client Scope).
  5. Supply of Light fittings and lighting design from supplier.
  6. Supply of Switches and sockets.
  7. Approval of Wardrobe shop drawings and materials (Drawing Emailed and materials available at site).
  8. Approval of Parquet samples (available at site).
  9. Confirmation of service block Doors Wooden or aluminum.
  10. Issuance of Majlis bathroom cabinet counter design.
  11. Approval of Staircase wooden handrail (Sample available at site).

Hence, we request you to finalize/ordered/purchase said items by 26th February 2020 as currently available Work front will be completed 27th February 2020. In absence of confirmation/finalization of aforesaid items will leads to demobilize resources from site.

During the work stopped period we will charge for two watchmen, Power Generator rental charge and Fuel bill, Dewa water and other charges.

Construction works for the balance items will resume once all pending items are finalized and addressed by the Client and re-mobilize charge will be applicable.

We also request to release the payment urgently for purchase of marble for upstairs pantry.

Your immediate action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Yours in Trust,

XXX Building Contracting LLC

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