Abortive works to structural slab for Pod drainage penetration

Our Ref: xxx

Date: xxx

To                    :           xxx Construction Co. L.L.C.

                                    P. O. Box xxx

            Dubai – UAE.

Attention          :           xxx

                        :           Sr. Project Manager

Project             :           xxx Park Hotel Dubai

Subject            :           xxx response against letter pertaining “Abortive works to structural slab for Pod drainage penetration”

Dear Mr. xxx,

Please refer to our letter Ref: xxx as a response to your letter Ref: xxx on the same matter. We don’t agree for any deductions pertaining to the abortive works at site. These opening should always have the tolerances and it is not xxx fault that the coring are coming so tight with the cables.   

We expect a positive cooperation toward any issues as we supported your project by putting more efforts on our Design and Production.

Looking forward for your usual support in this regards.  

Yours faithfully,

On behalf of xxx LLC


Projects Manager

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