Submission of certified Subcontractor Invoice AE Dirham

Submission of certified Subcontractor Invoice AE Dirham

Date:               xxx

Ref:                  xxx

Kind Attn         :Mr. xxx

Project:            2B + G + 14+ Lower Roof Hotel Building on Plot No. xxx at Al Barsha 1st, Dubai

Subject:               Regarding submission of certified xxx Invoice AE Dirhams 26,272.80 (AE Dirhams: twenty six thousand two hundred seventy two and eighty fils)

Dear Sir,

With reference to above mentioned subject, we are hereby certifying Payment application Invoice no. 02 as work completed at site which submitted by xxx METAL WORKS LLC for variation work and additional louvers for RMU and Substation room.

The variation work order for AED 24,000.00 was issued to METALU vide our letter reference CC/METALU/007 dated 13.03.17 (attached page 04) and Arkiplan confirmation for the same vide letter ref. AP/269/CC/274 dated 12.03.17 (attached page 05)

So, this is for your reference and kind approval.


For xxx Contracting L.L.C.


Project Manager

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